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Trip Master software has been designed and developed by CTS Software and some of their dedicated, loyal customers of over 30 years. With an arrangement of premium features such as;

* Intelligent Automated Scheduling
* Tablet – Mobile Data Terminals
* IVR System for passenger call reminders
* Vehicle Maintenance
* Billing
* Reporting
* Mapping
* Online Rider Portal
* Electronic Bus Pass

Trip Master software brings the next level of efficiency and right solutions to the public transportation industry. With a program that supports the growth of your operation, focuses on strategies in the work place and provides simple solutions to your management needs, CTS Software has the complete package.

CTS Software isn't just about optimizing more efficient schedules. Or the best Tablet - MDT interface (ParaScope). Or even the most user-friendly program. We’re not merely designing the sleekest look. Or the most detailed reporting engine. Or the most breathtaking mapping. And even though we place technical support at the top of our list, we’re not in this solely to get recognition for our success. Or to break records. Or to add extra security measures to be more reliable.

At CTS Software, we’re about all of these things happening together, beautifully and precisely, to create a public transportation software application that’s actually beneficial to utilize. Because we’re not any software company, we’re making your software. That’s the power of Trip Master.