Diamond currently offers seven different models of fareboxes and three standard sizes of donation boxes. Our fareboxes come in two distinct styles; rectangular and round.

The major difference between the two styles is the type of currency accepted. The older round style design accepts only coins and tokens and is not recomended for bills. The rectangular models were designed specifically to accept both coins and bills.

With the exception of the NV, all models mount and operate in the same manner.


All Diamond fareboxes share these common features:
•Solid brass and aluminum or stainless steel and aluminum construction with specially machined, welded joints.
•High security locks and keys by is virtually impossible for an unauthorized person to reproduce them.
•Strong, clear viewing windows of either polycarbonate or acrylic...scratch and breakage resistant.
•12 volt night light to allow for viewing of inspection plate in low light conditions.
•Specially designed post lock which helps reduce rattles and vibration.
•Identification number stamped onto each vault to aid with inventory tracking.
•Little or no need for maintenance, quality materials and craftsmanship for years of trouble free service.
•1 year written warranty against all, friendly service if a problem does arise.


With our specially designed mounting bracket, the units can be easily mounted to a 1-1/4" diameter stanchion pole or our heavy duty stainless steel stands. Our custom post lock allows for triple security;
•The cabinet is locked to the stanchion.
•The money vault is locked in the cabinet.
•The money is locked inside the vault.
•Mounting requires only two bolts and a post lock, all included.


All Diamond fareboxes and donation boxes feature high security Medeco locks. All customer lock codes are registered, the keys cannot be reproduced and replacement keys are available only through Diamond.


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